Gearing Up for Conference


Background guides and update papers are available on your committee page. We strongly recommend reading these documents before conference in order to get a sense of what your committee’s topics are all about.


The Rules of Procedure are the protocols that each committee will follow, to structure debate and keep discussion productive and orderly. Download a copy of KentMUN Rules of Procedure for your reference.


A position paper summarizes the problem at hand from the perspective of your assigned country or delegation and proposes solutions that your country would support. Each delegation should write one paper per topic. Position papers are due February 16, 2018. More help on writing a position paper can be found below.


Canterbury has a wide variety of offers on the table ranging from luxury hotels, budget business hotels to youth hostels. We are offering a limited number of accommodation pack for Chairs and Delegates. Please refer to this page in a few weeks for more information on Accommodation.

Model UN 101

Model UN can come with a steep learning curve, with all of its jargon and complexities. To help you make the most of your conference experience, we have put together a series of introductory resources, and we encourage you to browse through them if you’re looking for an orientation to MUN or a refresher about how a committee works. If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your committee chairs via email!